Yes people….even my High School Senior boys have killed it this year!

I love this family, they have become very dear to me, the main reason I love photography – the people I meet.

This photo shoot is dedicated to Hunter’s friends that passed away nine months ago in a plane crash, “the Whatcott Brothers”

It was hard to not get emotional as Hunter played the their guitar. Free Fallin was the song they always played together.

I believe it was no coincidence that later that night when we moved the photo shoot to Park City…

Free Fallin was playing for us on Main Street.

I hope you always feel them near you Hunter. BTW, I’m 100% positive you need to start your modeling career.

Family Photographer_1080.jpgFamily Photographer_1081.jpg
Family Photographer_1082.jpg
Family Photographer_1083.jpg
Family Photographer_1084.jpg
Family Photographer_1085.jpg
Family Photographer_1087.jpg
Family Photographer_1089.jpg
Family Photographer_1086.jpg
Family Photographer_1090.jpg
Family Photographer_1093.jpg
Family Photographer_1092.jpg

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I have had the opportunity to photograph Morgan and her family for the last 5 years.

And honestly, she is one of those girls that get more and more beautiful every time you see her.

She is a talented dancer, has the sweetest heart, genuine, and insanely gorgeous.

I can hardly wait to see where this world takes her. Good Luck Morgan, I’m so excited for you!  XO

Family Photographer_1070.jpgFamily Photographer_1073.jpgFamily Photographer_1072.jpgFamily Photographer_1071.jpgFamily Photographer_1074.jpgFamily Photographer_1075.jpgFamily Photographer_1076.jpgFamily Photographer_1078.jpgFamily Photographer_1079.jpg

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I’m amazed over and over again lately when High School Senior’s show up for their session and not only are they beautiful on the outside but they radiate with beauty on the inside.

So much beauty in this girl.  She is sweet, talented, has amazing style and has received a dance scholarship for Utah State. I’m so excited for you Kylee!  You are going to do great things with your life.  XO
Family Photographer_1031.jpgFamily Photographer_1034.jpgFamily Photographer_1033.jpgFamily Photographer_1035.jpgFamily Photographer_1032.jpgFamily Photographer_1029.jpgFamily Photographer_1028.jpgFamily Photographer_1026.jpgFamily Photographer_1024.jpgFamily Photographer_1023.jpgFamily Photographer_1027.jpgFamily Photographer_1036.jpgFamily Photographer_1038.jpgFamily Photographer_1039.jpgFamily Photographer_1040.jpgFamily Photographer_1041.jpg

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I’m pretty positive a modeling agency has been referring all of my clients to me……

I really can’t get over how gorgeous my clients are, especially my High School Senior’s this year.

Arnette is an amazingly beautiful, sweet, intelligent girl and on her way to accomplish incredible things.

Can’t wait to see where life takes you, XOXO

Family Photographer_1007.jpgFamily Photographer_1008.jpgFamily Photographer_1002.jpgFamily Photographer_1001.jpgFamily Photographer_1000.jpgFamily Photographer_1004.jpgFamily Photographer_1005.jpgFamily Photographer_1009.jpgFamily Photographer_1010.jpgFamily Photographer_1011.jpgFamily Photographer_1021.jpgFamily Photographer_1018.jpgFamily Photographer_1012.jpgFamily Photographer_1013.jpgFamily Photographer_1014.jpgFamily Photographer_1015.jpgFamily Photographer_1017.jpgFamily Photographer_1016.jpgFamily Photographer_1019.jpgFamily Photographer_1020.jpgFamily Photographer_1022.jpg

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