You know those love stories that just seem to perfect to be real?

Single mother of 5, marries the love of her life, and I may have a bit of restored faith in love after witnessing these two tie the knot.

Their wedding was beyond perfect.

Her 15 year old daughter did everyone’s hair, her 9 year old daughter sang skinny love to them, and she hand made all of her decorations and soaps for her guests.

Their wedding was at the beautiful Millennial Falls. Flowers by Dahlia’s Flowers  and that amazing car is from Antique Limousine Services of Utah

Family Photographer_0762.jpg
Family Photographer_0763.jpg
Family Photographer_0764.jpg
Family Photographer_0719.jpg
Family Photographer_0720.jpg
Family Photographer_0721.jpg
Family Photographer_0722.jpg
Family Photographer_0724.jpg
Family Photographer_0725.jpg
Family Photographer_0726.jpg
Family Photographer_0730.jpg
Family Photographer_0729.jpg
Family Photographer_0732.jpg
Family Photographer_0731.jpg

Family Photographer_0734.jpg
Family Photographer_0735.jpg
Family Photographer_0736.jpg
Family Photographer_0737.jpg

Family Photographer_0739.jpg
Family Photographer_0741.jpg
Family Photographer_0742.jpg
Family Photographer_0743.jpg
Family Photographer_0744.jpg

Family Photographer_0746.jpg
Family Photographer_0747.jpg
Family Photographer_0748.jpg
Family Photographer_0749.jpg
Family Photographer_0750.jpg
Family Photographer_0751.jpg
Family Photographer_0752.jpg
Family Photographer_0753.jpg

Family Photographer_0755.jpg
Family Photographer_0756.jpg
Family Photographer_0757.jpg
Family Photographer_0758.jpg
Family Photographer_0759.jpg
Family Photographer_0760.jpg
Family Photographer_0761.jpg

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The way he looks at her is enough to let you feel their love.

These two had a beautiful wedding and I was so honored they trusted me to be their wedding photographer.

Their ceremony was at the Salt Lake Temple and their reception was at a beautiful home in Cedar Hills. It was beautiful weather, a perfect day for a perfect couple.

Family Photographer_0658.jpg
Family Photographer_0659.jpg
Family Photographer_0660.jpg
Family Photographer_0661.jpg
Family Photographer_0662.jpg
Family Photographer_0664.jpg
Family Photographer_0663.jpg
Family Photographer_0666.jpg
Family Photographer_0667.jpg
Family Photographer_0668.jpg
Family Photographer_0669.jpg
Family Photographer_0670.jpg
Family Photographer_0671.jpg
Family Photographer_0672.jpg
Family Photographer_0673.jpg
Family Photographer_0674.jpg
Family Photographer_0684.jpg
Family Photographer_0680.jpg
Family Photographer_0675.jpg
Family Photographer_0682.jpg
Family Photographer_0676.jpg
Family Photographer_0677.jpg
Family Photographer_0678.jpg
Family Photographer_0679.jpg
Family Photographer_0681.jpg
Family Photographer_0685.jpg
Family Photographer_0686.jpg
Family Photographer_0687.jpg
Family Photographer_0688.jpg
Family Photographer_0689.jpg
Family Photographer_0690.jpg
Family Photographer_0691.jpg
Family Photographer_0692.jpg
Family Photographer_0694.jpg
Family Photographer_0695.jpg
Family Photographer_0696.jpg
Family Photographer_0693.jpg
Family Photographer_0698.jpg
Family Photographer_0699.jpg
Family Photographer_0701.jpg
Family Photographer_0702.jpg
Family Photographer_0703.jpg
Family Photographer_0704.jpg
Family Photographer_0705.jpg
Family Photographer_0706.jpg
Family Photographer_0707.jpg
Family Photographer_0708.jpg

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2701 miles in six days along Highway 101 on the Oregon Coast up through Washington. We stopped at Crater Lake, The Oregon Sand Dunes, Umpquoa Lighthouse, The Devil’s Punchbowl, Indian Beach, Cannon Beach, Haystack Rock, Cape Lookout Forrest, Titelow Beach, Narrows Bridge, Cape Meares Lighthouse, Pikes Market, Daniel Lakes, and indulged in the most amazing food I’ve ever had.

I’ve always felt a strong connection to the coast and now I know why….it is simply magical. One minute you are driving through the dense forrest and then you are looking at the beautiful ocean. The weather was moody and perfect, fog, drizzling rain, and pockets of sunshine. So many contrasting colors from the green moss, the red sand, black rocks, it was perfect. Here are a few of my attempts at landscape photography.

Family Photographer_0630.jpgFamily Photographer_0631.jpgFamily Photographer_0633.jpgFamily Photographer_0632.jpgFamily Photographer_0638.jpgFamily Photographer_0634.jpgFamily Photographer_0637.jpgFamily Photographer_0635.jpgFamily Photographer_0639.jpgFamily Photographer_0640.jpgFamily Photographer_0628.jpgFamily Photographer_0627.jpgFamily Photographer_0626.jpgFamily Photographer_0653.jpgFamily Photographer_0629.jpgFamily Photographer_0645.jpgFamily Photographer_0643.jpgFamily Photographer_0642.jpgFamily Photographer_0641.jpgFamily Photographer_0650.jpgFamily Photographer_0648.jpg
Family Photographer_0649.jpgFamily Photographer_0647.jpg
Family Photographer_0651.jpgFamily Photographer_0652.jpg
Family Photographer_0654.jpg

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