Embraced the rain storm with this beautiful couple!

It was more like a level 2 hurricane but when you’re in love I’m not really sure all that matters.

We had about 30 minutes of beautiful light and then it hit. So we turned it into a romantic love story in the rain!

I love when couples are willing to embrace the weather and still have fun together.

Congratulations guys, can’t wait for your wedding!  XO
Family Photographer_1094.jpgFamily Photographer_1096.jpgFamily Photographer_1099.jpgFamily Photographer_1097.jpgFamily Photographer_1098.jpgFamily Photographer_1100.jpgFamily Photographer_1104.jpgFamily Photographer_1101.jpgFamily Photographer_1102.jpgFamily Photographer_1103.jpgFamily Photographer_1106.jpgFamily Photographer_1105.jpgFamily Photographer_1107.jpgFamily Photographer_1108.jpg

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Yes people….even my High School Senior boys have killed it this year!

I love this family, they have become very dear to me, the main reason I love photography – the people I meet.

This photo shoot is dedicated to Hunter’s friends that passed away nine months ago in a plane crash, “the Whatcott Brothers”

It was hard to not get emotional as Hunter played the their guitar. Free Fallin was the song they always played together.

I believe it was no coincidence that later that night when we moved the photo shoot to Park City…

Free Fallin was playing for us on Main Street.

I hope you always feel them near you Hunter. BTW, I’m 100% positive you need to start your modeling career.

Family Photographer_1080.jpgFamily Photographer_1081.jpg
Family Photographer_1082.jpg
Family Photographer_1083.jpg
Family Photographer_1084.jpg
Family Photographer_1085.jpg
Family Photographer_1087.jpg
Family Photographer_1089.jpg
Family Photographer_1086.jpg
Family Photographer_1090.jpg
Family Photographer_1093.jpg
Family Photographer_1092.jpg

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