This sweet family from Wisconsin was in Park City, Utah for a little vacation and hit me up for some family pictures.

And boy am I glad they did…. seriosuly how cute are Charlie and Will?

They had me laughing the whole time! Thank you Julie for sharing them with me while you were in Utah, so wonderful to meet your darling family!!
Family Photographer_1248.jpg
Family Photographer_1247.jpg
Family Photographer_1254.jpg
Family Photographer_1255.jpg
Family Photographer_1251.jpg
Family Photographer_1256.jpg
Family Photographer_1257.jpg
Family Photographer_1259.jpg
Family Photographer_1249.jpg
Family Photographer_1241.jpg
Family Photographer_1258.jpg
Family Photographer_1260.jpg

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When I first started doing photography professionally back in 2009 all I ever wanted to photograph was newborns.

Then I transitioned into families and weddings….. and man I miss those new fresh babes!

So when I get asked to do a newborn session, it makes me really happy, and I think it made Charlotte really happy too!!

Family Photographer_1239.jpgFamily Photographer_1235.jpgFamily Photographer_1234.jpgFamily Photographer_1236.jpgFamily Photographer_1238.jpgFamily Photographer_1240.jpg

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I first met Angela two years ago when we did her High School Senior pictures. She had such a beautiful presence about her.

When I found out she was engaged, I kept my fingers crossed they would ask me to be their wedding photographer!

Her and Aaron are so perfect for one another.
As a wedding photographer you experience many “behind the scenes emotions”.  And there were so many beautiful ones to witness at their wedding.

Watching these two comfort and console one another honestly brought tears to my eyes. Moments when I’m reminded how truly lucky I am to capture the very core of love stories.

Their wedding was at the Salt Lake LDS Temple, reception was at Brick Canvas in Lehi, with a beautiful tribute to Angela’s late mother.

It was a beautiful day! And I was honored to be a part of it. Best of luck you two….. hoping you have a forever of happiness!!

Family Photographer_1189.jpgFamily Photographer_1190.jpgFamily Photographer_1191.jpgFamily Photographer_1192.jpgFamily Photographer_1193.jpgFamily Photographer_1194.jpgFamily Photographer_1202.jpgFamily Photographer_1209.jpgFamily Photographer_1195.jpgFamily Photographer_1196.jpgFamily Photographer_1197.jpgFamily Photographer_1198.jpgFamily Photographer_1200.jpgFamily Photographer_1199.jpgFamily Photographer_1201.jpgFamily Photographer_1203.jpgFamily Photographer_1204.jpgFamily Photographer_1205.jpgFamily Photographer_1207.jpgFamily Photographer_1206.jpgFamily Photographer_1208.jpgFamily Photographer_1219.jpgFamily Photographer_1220.jpgFamily Photographer_1222.jpgFamily Photographer_1221.jpgFamily Photographer_1210.jpgFamily Photographer_1223.jpgFamily Photographer_1215.jpgFamily Photographer_1211.jpgFamily Photographer_1212.jpgFamily Photographer_1213.jpgFamily Photographer_1214.jpgFamily Photographer_1216.jpgFamily Photographer_1217.jpgFamily Photographer_1218.jpgFamily Photographer_1224.jpgFamily Photographer_1225.jpgFamily Photographer_1226.jpgFamily Photographer_1227.jpgFamily Photographer_1228.jpgFamily Photographer_1231.jpgFamily Photographer_1232.jpgFamily Photographer_1230.jpgFamily Photographer_1229.jpgFamily Photographer_1233.jpg

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I met this beautiful couple in Utah for their engagement session and I was beyond thrilled when they asked me to shoot their wedding in Gilbert Arizona.

These guys are incredible together, they had us laughing the whole time.  I love you guys… of luck as you start the rest of forever together!  XO-

Family Photographer_1152.jpgFamily Photographer_1153.jpgFamily Photographer_1154.jpgFamily Photographer_1155.jpgFamily Photographer_1156.jpgFamily Photographer_1157.jpgFamily Photographer_1158.jpgFamily Photographer_1159.jpgFamily Photographer_1148.jpgFamily Photographer_1150.jpgFamily Photographer_1151.jpgFamily Photographer_1160.jpgFamily Photographer_1161.jpgFamily Photographer_1163.jpgFamily Photographer_1162.jpgFamily Photographer_1164.jpgFamily Photographer_1165.jpgFamily Photographer_1166.jpgFamily Photographer_1167.jpgFamily Photographer_1168.jpgFamily Photographer_1171.jpgFamily Photographer_1172.jpgFamily Photographer_1175.jpgFamily Photographer_1174.jpgFamily Photographer_1173.jpgFamily Photographer_1176.jpgFamily Photographer_1177.jpgFamily Photographer_1178.jpgFamily Photographer_1179.jpgFamily Photographer_1181.jpgFamily Photographer_1182.jpgFamily Photographer_1180.jpgFamily Photographer_1183.jpgFamily Photographer_1184.jpgFamily Photographer_1185.jpgFamily Photographer_1186.jpgFamily Photographer_1187.jpgFamily Photographer_1188.jpg

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