These two are so perfect. Shawnee is one of those girls that just has a presence about her, such a beautiful person. Their wedding was at Storm Mountain in Big Cottonwood Canyon and their reception was held in their beautiful backyard. I love how easy going they were. They had worked so hard on their house and yard to prepare for their wedding. The day of the wedding was full of rain storms. But you’d never know if it bothered them because the entire day they were smiling. They love to bike together and implemented that in to their wedding….so beautiful! Congratulations you two, wishing you a lifetime of happiness and adventures!

Family Photographer_1382.jpgFamily Photographer_1383.jpgFamily Photographer_1384.jpgFamily Photographer_1385.jpgFamily Photographer_1386.jpgFamily Photographer_1388.jpgFamily Photographer_1389.jpgFamily Photographer_1390.jpgFamily Photographer_1391.jpgFamily Photographer_1392.jpgFamily Photographer_1393.jpgFamily Photographer_1394.jpgFamily Photographer_1395.jpgFamily Photographer_1396.jpgFamily Photographer_1400.jpgFamily Photographer_1401.jpgFamily Photographer_1398.jpgFamily Photographer_1399.jpgFamily Photographer_1402.jpgFamily Photographer_1406.jpgFamily Photographer_1404.jpgFamily Photographer_1405.jpgFamily Photographer_1407.jpgFamily Photographer_1408.jpgFamily Photographer_1410.jpgFamily Photographer_1409.jpgFamily Photographer_1411.jpgFamily Photographer_1412.jpgFamily Photographer_1417.jpgFamily Photographer_1414.jpgFamily Photographer_1415.jpgFamily Photographer_1418.jpgFamily Photographer_1419.jpgFamily Photographer_1420.jpgFamily Photographer_1416.jpgFamily Photographer_1424.jpgFamily Photographer_1422.jpgFamily Photographer_1423.jpgFamily Photographer_1425.jpgFamily Photographer_1426.jpgFamily Photographer_1427.jpgFamily Photographer_1428.jpgFamily Photographer_1429.jpgFamily Photographer_1434.jpgFamily Photographer_1430.jpgFamily Photographer_1431.jpgFamily Photographer_1433.jpgFamily Photographer_1432.jpg

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You know what I love about my job? Reconnecting with friends from High School and being reminded of all the crazy things we did. Let’s just say I’m glad those days are behind me! This beautiful Mom of 4 is in Medical School right now, how inspiring is that? Superwoman for sure!! So great to catch up Lester…. your family is so beautiful and I’m so excited for your future!

Family Photographer_1336.jpg
Family Photographer_1344.jpg
Family Photographer_1347.jpgFamily Photographer_1348.jpgFamily Photographer_1340.jpgFamily Photographer_1345.jpgFamily Photographer_1346.jpgFamily Photographer_1338.jpgFamily Photographer_1337.jpgFamily Photographer_1339.jpgFamily Photographer_1341.jpgFamily Photographer_1342.jpgFamily Photographer_1343.jpgFamily Photographer_1350.jpgFamily Photographer_1349.jpgFamily Photographer_1353.jpgFamily Photographer_1355.jpgFamily Photographer_1356.jpgFamily Photographer_1357.jpg

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I have had so much fun getting to know this little family. I met them at their brother’s wedding in Arizona that I was photographing and we talked about doing family pictures if they were ever in Utah.

Then magic happened and we found out they were moving here….to Utah!

You can imagine my excitement when Jenn contacted me for family photos!

I love the Wildflowers at Albion Basin, they are always so beautiful, a perfect setting for such a pretty family!!

Family Photographer_1276.jpgFamily Photographer_1277.jpgFamily Photographer_1278.jpgFamily Photographer_1293.jpgFamily Photographer_1279.jpgFamily Photographer_1284.jpgFamily Photographer_1285.jpgFamily Photographer_1286.jpgFamily Photographer_1287.jpgFamily Photographer_1281.jpgFamily Photographer_1283.jpgFamily Photographer_1282.jpgFamily Photographer_1280.jpgFamily Photographer_1288.jpgFamily Photographer_1292.jpgFamily Photographer_1290.jpgFamily Photographer_1291.jpg

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