2701 miles in six days along Highway 101 on the Oregon Coast up through Washington. We stopped at Crater Lake, The Oregon Sand Dunes, Umpquoa Lighthouse, The Devil’s Punchbowl, Indian Beach, Cannon Beach, Haystack Rock, Cape Lookout Forrest, Titelow Beach, Narrows Bridge, Cape Meares Lighthouse, Pikes Market, Daniel Lakes, and indulged in the most amazing food I’ve ever had.

I’ve always felt a strong connection to the coast and now I know why….it is simply magical. One minute you are driving through the dense forrest and then you are looking at the beautiful ocean. The weather was moody and perfect, fog, drizzling rain, and pockets of sunshine. So many contrasting colors from the green moss, the red sand, black rocks, it was perfect. Here are a few of my attempts at landscape photography.

Family Photographer_0630.jpgFamily Photographer_0631.jpgFamily Photographer_0633.jpgFamily Photographer_0632.jpgFamily Photographer_0638.jpgFamily Photographer_0634.jpgFamily Photographer_0637.jpgFamily Photographer_0635.jpgFamily Photographer_0639.jpgFamily Photographer_0640.jpgFamily Photographer_0628.jpgFamily Photographer_0627.jpgFamily Photographer_0626.jpgFamily Photographer_0653.jpgFamily Photographer_0629.jpgFamily Photographer_0645.jpgFamily Photographer_0643.jpgFamily Photographer_0642.jpgFamily Photographer_0641.jpgFamily Photographer_0650.jpgFamily Photographer_0648.jpg
Family Photographer_0649.jpgFamily Photographer_0647.jpg
Family Photographer_0651.jpgFamily Photographer_0652.jpg
Family Photographer_0654.jpg

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Cute Family + Grandparents + Snow + Hot Chocolate = Happy Photographer

I love photographing Jill’s sweet family because they are always up for having fun. We knew it was going to be a cold one. They decided to brave the freezing temperatures and bundled the little ones up, we shot for about 30 minutes and then Jill had the idea of going to Starbucks to warm up with some hot chocolate.

Her sweet parents joined us from Maine and I had a great time being educated about coffee from her endearing father. The relationship these grandparents have with these little ones is priceless.

Sessions don’t always go as planned.  Sometimes the weather can make for an adventure, children may not be happy but I promise you if you focus on the beautiful dynamics of your family you will always end up with pictures that speak to your heart that you can cherish for years to come.

Family Photographer_0593.jpg
Family Photographer_0594.jpg
Family Photographer_0585.jpg
Family Photographer_0586.jpg
Family Photographer_0583.jpg
Family Photographer_0582.jpg
Family Photographer_0581.jpg
Family Photographer_0580.jpg
Family Photographer_0587.jpg
Family Photographer_0592.jpg
Family Photographer_0591.jpg
Family Photographer_0588.jpg
Family Photographer_0589.jpg
Family Photographer_0595.jpg
Family Photographer_0596.jpg
Family Photographer_0590.jpg
Family Photographer_0597.jpg
Family Photographer_0598.jpg
Family Photographer_0599.jpg
Family Photographer_0601.jpg
Family Photographer_0609.jpg

Family Photographer_0606.jpg
Family Photographer_0602.jpg
Family Photographer_0600.jpg
Family Photographer_0605.jpg
Family Photographer_0603.jpg
Family Photographer_0607.jpg
Family Photographer_0608.jpg

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Jenny and Brandon had me swooning from the minute I saw them.

Something so real between them you can see it in the way they look at each other.

From playing on the long board, trying to figure out how to actually light the Chinese Lantern and make it fly before it caught on fire, and braving the freezing temperatures, this photo shoot will go down as one of my favorites. Thank you guys for being up for all my crazy ideas!

Family Photographer_0544.jpg
Family Photographer_0547.jpg
Family Photographer_0538.jpg

Family Photographer_0541.jpg
Family Photographer_0542.jpg
Family Photographer_0546.jpg
Family Photographer_0548.jpg
Family Photographer_0543.jpg
Family Photographer_0549.jpg

Family Photographer_0551.jpg
Family Photographer_0552.jpg
Family Photographer_0555.jpg
Family Photographer_0556.jpg
Family Photographer_0557.jpg
Family Photographer_0558.jpg
Family Photographer_0559.jpg
Family Photographer_0560.jpg
Family Photographer_0561.jpg
Family Photographer_0562.jpg
Family Photographer_0563.jpg
Family Photographer_0564.jpg
Family Photographer_0566.jpg
Family Photographer_0565.jpg
Family Photographer_0567.jpg
Family Photographer_0568.jpg
Family Photographer_0569.jpg
Family Photographer_0570.jpg
Family Photographer_0575.jpg
Family Photographer_0576.jpg
Family Photographer_0577.jpg
Family Photographer_0578.jpg
Family Photographer_0572.jpg
Family Photographer_0573.jpg
Family Photographer_0574.jpg
Family Photographer_0571.jpg

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