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Melissa and Marques | Utah Wedding Photographer

Part of the reason I love being a wedding photographer is for the simple fact that by the end of the day you feel like you are part of the family. Yes her older sister is one of my best friends, but aside from that fact I was privliged to spend 12 hours with them. From the time they stepped out of the temple to the minute they left the reception. I was there for lunch, the set up, the take down and all the in between craziness that happens on wedding days and I left feeling nothing but gratitude for this beautiful couple and their wonderful family.

Lissa and Marques have been together for 7 years, so this day was a long time coming and it was so great to see the excitement both sides of the family shared as they finally made it official. They were sealed in the Ogden LDS Temple and their reception took place at The Grand View Reception Center. It was a beautiful day, congratulations you two! Best of luck on your new lives together!
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