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People ask me all the time what made me want to be a wedding photographer.

The short answer is for the raw authentic emotion. I love watching the anticipation of the family and guests as they begin to arrive. I love the behind the scenes emotion of the nervous bride and the anxious groom as their bridesmaids and groomsmen help them with the final touches. I love witnessing the Groom’s face as he sees his beautiful Bride walk down the isle to begin their life together. The quiet tears as they read their vows and profess their love and promises to one another. The joy they share as the walk down the isle together as husband and wife. The love you can feel among family and friends.

This particular wedding I was deeply moved by their toasts. They had the most heart warming thank you to their parents as you can see in the photos. Another adorable moment was when both sets of parents held hands as they walked back down the isle. What a beautiful wedding, full of love and unity. I feel so honored I was able to travel to California to be their Wedding Photographer. It was beautiful.

Family Photographer_2344.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2345.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2346.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2347.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2348.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2349.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2350.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2352.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2354.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2355.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2356.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2357.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2358.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2359.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2363.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2365.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2364.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2366.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2367.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2370.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2371.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2373.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2375.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2374.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2376.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2377.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2378.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2379.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2380.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2381.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2382.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2383.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2384.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2385.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2386.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2387.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2388.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2389.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2390.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2391.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2392.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2393.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2394.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2395.jpgPINIMAGE

Family Photographer_2398.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2399.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2400.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2402.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2403.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2404.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2405.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2406.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2407.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2408.jpgPINIMAGE

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Golden hair and sun kissed skin, this family is straight out of California! I’m so glad they asked me to do their pictures while they were visiting Utah. I went to school with Heidi and it seems so surreal that we have teenagers…what???!!!

Heidi is also an amazing photographer (although she claims she is retired)! I guess things like that happen after baby number five!

Family Photographer_2331.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2332.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2333.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2334.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2336.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2337.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2340.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2339.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2329.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2320.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2321.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2322.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2323.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2325.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2326.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2328.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2327.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2319.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2317.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2330.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2341.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2342.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2343.jpgPINIMAGE

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These two…. I can’t even begin to tell you how lucky I feel to have met them and be their Photographer!

We did their session at Silver Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  We picked this location because this is where Tyson proposed to McKenzie!

We have laughed at every single session, they are so laid back and happy all the time. They just have one of those “feel good” relationships. You know that no matter what happens in life they will be okay! Especially when I make their wedding day blog post and tell you about the “unforseen” events of the day…. You’ll know exactly what I mean!

Family Photographer_2303.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2305.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2304.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2306.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2307.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2308.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2309.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2312.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2313.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2311.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2314.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2316.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2315.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2310.jpgPINIMAGE

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Spring was so pretty this year! It was so green and full of flowers everywhere I went!

This family wanted a session in the Orchard’s before their son left on a mission. I’m so glad I was able to capture these memories for them before he left! I love knowing that my job preserves something so valuable to my clients that evoke so much memory and emotion!

Family Photographer_2277.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2279.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2280.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2281.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2282.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2283.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2284.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2286.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2287.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2288.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2285.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2289.jpgPINIMAGE

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