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I met this sweet couple at the wedding show I did earlier this year.  They were one of my winners for the free engagement session! I had so much fun getting to know them and their fur babies!  We did their pictures up in the wild flowers at Emigration Canyon.  It was so beautiful and is one of the few canyons that allow dogs!  It was going really smooth until one of the dogs heard the water from the river and decide to go for a swim.  Needless to say, it was quite the jump down the ledge and so he couldn’t find a way back up.  Brad had to go on a puppy rescue mission…. luckily for us we had just finished up or all of their photos would have looked like the last one posted….. That’s one way to end a session!
Family Photographer_2523.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2524.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2525.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2526.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2516.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2517.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2518.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2519.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2513.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2512.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2520.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2521.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2522.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2514.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2527.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2528.jpgPINIMAGE

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Another beautiful wedding to share! I have had such a great time getting to know this sweet couple. I love when couples book me for the full package with engagements and bridals because it really gives me a chance to get to know them before the big day! Then they are totally comfortable bossing me around and telling me what to do, haha! I’ve had some of the best weddings this year but this one served Waffle Love…does it get much better then that? I don’t think so! Random side note: There was another couple at the Salt Lake Temple whose names were also Hunter and Brady…. only the bride was Brady and the Groom was Hunter.  Of course we had to grab a photo of the four of them together, it was just to much of a coincidence!  Two things that really make me laugh in their photos, their cake fight and the groomsmen that decided to climb the pole to get the optimal spot for the garter toss!  Scroll down, you’ll see what I mean.

Wedding Venue: Salt Lake Temple and The Old McMillan House
Family Photographer_2461.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2462.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2464.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2466.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2468.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2469.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2470.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2471.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2467.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2472.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2473.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2475.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2474.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2476.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2571.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2574.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2572.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2573.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2477.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2481.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2482.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2483.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2484.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2485.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2486.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2487.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2478.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2479.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2489.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2490.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2491.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2492.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2493.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2494.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2488.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2495.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2496.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2497.jpgPINIMAGE

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Oh how I love seeing this darling family every year!

I love seeing how much these kids grow and how their personalities keep blossoming every year! We wanted to do a little bit of a country feel with these cute cowboy boots, so we chose a location with a barn and some wood fences! Love how they turned out! Prettiest little cowgirls! And cutest little man!

Family Photographer_2561.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2564.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2563.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2565.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2567.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2566.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2569.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2570.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2568.jpgPINIMAGE

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These two talked about how when they first met they didn’t want to admit they liked each other because they knew they would end up getting married! You can’t fight love! After High School graduation and missions they ended up giving in.

I’m happy they did because they are so cute together!

Family Photographer_2498.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2499.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2500.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2501.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2503.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2504.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2502.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2505.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2506.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2511.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2510.jpgPINIMAGE
Family Photographer_2508.jpgPINIMAGE
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