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Sydnee called me shortly before her wedding to do engagements, bridals and wedding day coverage. I was so happy I was available and that we were able to squeeze her in.  She had hired another photographer and after receiving her engagements photos back from them she called me in a panic.  I can’t stress enough to all of my clients and those that are still “shopping” around how important it is to make sure you hire someone for your wedding day with experience!  I’m going to start a blog this year with some information to help you when picking a photographer!  It’s so difficult to be able to determine who really is an experienced seasoned photographer because of Instagram!  A lot of photographers are participating in Stylized Shoots. They pay to shoot models, pretty set ups and then post those images on their Instagram making a representation that appears they have shot several clients and weddings.  It is soooo important that you ask your photographer to see FULL wedding galleries.  Don’t be afraid to ask them how many weddings they have shot, what type of equipment they use and how they protect your images.  With all the new photographers and the photo trend going on, don’t get stuck with an inexperienced photographer, with only one camera and no guarantee of your images being protected!

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Awe…. these guys are so adorable together! They showed up for their engagement session all smiles and it continued until the end. They reconnected after High School and Eric moved to Utah first then asked Brittani to move out here with him and the rest is history. I always think it’s crazy how many times paths will cross before the timing is right!


I met this sweet couple at the wedding show I did earlier this year.  They were one of my winners for the free engagement session! I had so much fun getting to know them and their fur babies!  We did their pictures up in the wild flowers at Emigration Canyon.  It was so beautiful and is one of the few canyons that allow dogs!  It was going really smooth until one of the dogs heard the water from the river and decide to go for a swim.  Needless to say, it was quite the jump down the ledge and so he couldn’t find a way back up.  Brad had to go on a puppy rescue mission…. luckily for us we had just finished up or all of their photos would have looked like the last one posted….. That’s one way to end a session!
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We had so much fun adventuring in the Canyon together. Aside from the fact we were chasing the light and Morgan stood right on an ant hill and thousands of tiny ants were crawling all over her feet and legs….AHHH!

I love the adventures that come along with photo shoots and especially the 2 hours I get to spend with my Brides and Grooms getting to know them and see their love for one another!