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I always feel grateful when a client invites me into their home and their sanctuary to take pictures of their newborn baby. Tristan was a couple of weeks old and I was worried we wouldn’t get very many posed pictures. He was such a sweet somber baby. He didn’t cry until the very end when I was trying to make him hold tricky poses. He was so sweet and precious. I can’t even believe I’m about to admit this next part because it makes me sound so old but, I used to babysit his Mama and I have had the great privilege of photographing their wedding and now their little man’s newborn pictures. Such a fun reminder of why so many Photographer’s love their job.

We really get to be part of our clients lives for some of their most tender and profound moments.
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When I first started photography on a professional level 6 years ago all I wanted to photograph was newborn babies.

Over the past years I have found the passion I have for weddings and families but occasionally I still have the opportunity to photograph babies.

Let’s just say it doesn’t take much to bribe me. I love little newborns and I love when people bring them in to see me.

A little bit of snuggles and drooling is just what my heart needs.

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