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I never realized that I would need my children more than they actually need me.

They are brave, beautiful creative souls….they have gone through more than most children have had to….

I will be thankful the rest of my life that the one wish I had in life, “to be a mother”  was given to me.

They truly make be a single mother an easier task!
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I have had this set up in my mind for the last 3 years….. This year I was prepared for the first now fall.

I dragged my babies out in the freezing mountains, promised them hot chocolate and anything else they wanted for 20 minutes of smiles.

So far, I think I owe one of them a horse, a puppy and a PS3…. fingers crossed they just forget about all of that!!! Haha

We literally felt like we were in a giant snowglobe….it was magical!

Follow me on IG: heidi_adoremephotos to find out more about the mini winter wonderland session’s I’m offering!

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2701 miles in six days along Highway 101 on the Oregon Coast up through Washington. We stopped at Crater Lake, The Oregon Sand Dunes, Umpquoa Lighthouse, The Devil’s Punchbowl, Indian Beach, Cannon Beach, Haystack Rock, Cape Lookout Forrest, Titelow Beach, Narrows Bridge, Cape Meares Lighthouse, Pikes Market, Daniel Lakes, and indulged in the most amazing food I’ve ever had.

I’ve always felt a strong connection to the coast and now I know why….it is simply magical. One minute you are driving through the dense forrest and then you are looking at the beautiful ocean. The weather was moody and perfect, fog, drizzling rain, and pockets of sunshine. So many contrasting colors from the green moss, the red sand, black rocks, it was perfect. Here are a few of my attempts at landscape photography.

Family Photographer_0630.jpgPINIMAGEFamily Photographer_0631.jpgPINIMAGEFamily Photographer_0633.jpgPINIMAGEFamily Photographer_0632.jpgPINIMAGEFamily Photographer_0638.jpgPINIMAGEFamily Photographer_0634.jpgPINIMAGEFamily Photographer_0637.jpgPINIMAGEFamily Photographer_0635.jpgPINIMAGEFamily Photographer_0639.jpgPINIMAGEFamily Photographer_0640.jpgPINIMAGEFamily Photographer_0628.jpgPINIMAGEFamily Photographer_0627.jpgPINIMAGEFamily Photographer_0626.jpgPINIMAGEFamily Photographer_0653.jpgPINIMAGEFamily Photographer_0629.jpgPINIMAGEFamily Photographer_0645.jpgPINIMAGEFamily Photographer_0643.jpgPINIMAGEFamily Photographer_0642.jpgPINIMAGEFamily Photographer_0641.jpgPINIMAGEFamily Photographer_0650.jpgPINIMAGEFamily Photographer_0648.jpgPINIMAGE
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