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I see a lot of weddings with beautiful colors and decorations in beautiful settings. But this one by far takes the cake! Lauren is from California and Jason is from Colorado. They had family fly in from all over the world for their wedding. I loved the intimacy and the feeling of love from their closest friends and family. Their wedding was at Kelly Creek Farm with beautiful mountain views! Her colors were purple, sage green and ivory with hints of peach. They had Fiore Pizza Truck cater their wedding, and their Dog , Pluto was their Ring Bearer! But the part that blew my mind were the flowers! Her Mom GREW, yes that’s right….GREW all of these gorgeous flowers for her daughter’s wedding. Then not only did she nurture them and so they were ready in time for the wedding, she actually drove them in her car all the way from California to Utah and managed to keep them alive and beautiful in the June heat! They were absolutely breath taking and the entire venue was covered with pieces of her love (and green thumb).

Their love was beautiful and I’m so happy I was able to be part of their intimate mountain wedding!

Lauren and I drove up to Kelly Creek Farms prior to the wedding to scout out the location and determine what time the best light would be. I was so happy she included me in her wedding plans so that we could get such beautiful pictures with amazing light!

Family Photographer_2872.jpgPINIMAGE
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I met Jodi when they hired me to photograph their daughters wedding! I was so happy when they asked me to do their Christmas Mini Session. This year for one of our Mini Sessions we did a Ford Truck session. Well, Dad had this amazing classic truck so naturally we switched the red Ford Truck out to use theirs! I love when families incorporate “them” in their session. I hope they cherish these photos forever. I know that they are a lot more meaningful because it represents a lot of memories that they’ve shared in that truck. For their daughters wedding they used the truck to place all of their wedding gifts in as guests arrived! And now they have family pictures in it!

And how darling are these little girls! One of them refused to smile, but her sister tried to get it out of her!
Family Photographer_2865.jpgPINIMAGE
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