Misty and Landon | Wedding Photographer

Allow me to introduce you to Misty and Landon. She’s a ballerina and he is a cowboy…..and they are incredibly cute together.

I’m looking forward to shooting their beautiful wedding in March.

Family Photographer_0765.jpg Family Photographer_0766.jpg Family Photographer_0767.jpg Family Photographer_0768.jpg Family Photographer_0769.jpg Family Photographer_0770.jpg Family Photographer_0771.jpg Family Photographer_0773.jpg Family Photographer_0774.jpg Family Photographer_0772.jpg Family Photographer_0776.jpg Family Photographer_0775.jpg Family Photographer_0779.jpg Family Photographer_0777.jpg Family Photographer_0778.jpg Family Photographer_0781.jpg Family Photographer_0780.jpg Family Photographer_0783.jpg Family Photographer_0782.jpg Family Photographer_0784.jpg