Kylee | Utah High School Senior Photographer

I’m amazed over and over again lately when High School Senior’s show up for their session and not only are they beautiful on the outside but they radiate with beauty on the inside.

So much beauty in this girl.  She is sweet, talented, has amazing style and has received a dance scholarship for Utah State. I’m so excited for you Kylee!  You are going to do great things with your life.  XO
Family Photographer_1031.jpg Family Photographer_1034.jpg Family Photographer_1033.jpg Family Photographer_1035.jpg Family Photographer_1032.jpg Family Photographer_1029.jpg Family Photographer_1028.jpg Family Photographer_1026.jpg Family Photographer_1024.jpg Family Photographer_1023.jpg Family Photographer_1027.jpg Family Photographer_1036.jpg Family Photographer_1038.jpg Family Photographer_1039.jpg Family Photographer_1040.jpg Family Photographer_1041.jpg