Regina, Joe, Shiloh and Sparrow | Daybreak Utah Photographer

Some of y’all may recognize this beauty….Regina is my assistant and I would be entirely lost without her humor, craziness and wit at some of my family sessions!

Isn’t her family adorable? Let me answer that….YES!

Family Photographer_1296.jpg Family Photographer_1294.jpg Family Photographer_1297.jpg Family Photographer_1295.jpg Family Photographer_1302.jpg Family Photographer_1299.jpg Family Photographer_1306.jpg Family Photographer_1307.jpg Family Photographer_1308.jpg Family Photographer_1312.jpg Family Photographer_1309.jpg Family Photographer_1304.jpg Family Photographer_1298.jpg Family Photographer_1314.jpg Family Photographer_1310.jpg Family Photographer_1303.jpg Family Photographer_1300.jpg