Katie | Draper High School Senior Photographer

Hello Class of 2016!!! It looks like it will be another beautiful year. It’s always a good time photographing seniors, for a few hours I have an excuse to act like one.  Whether it involves twerking or boy talk…. I’m always sad when the session ends.  XOXO beautiful girl!!

2015-09-14_0021.jpg 2015-09-14_0018.jpg 2015-09-14_0025.jpg 2015-09-14_0024.jpg 2015-09-14_0019.jpg 2015-09-14_0022.jpg 2015-09-14_0017.jpg 2015-09-14_0016.jpg 2015-09-14_0015.jpg 2015-09-14_0013.jpg 2015-09-14_0014.jpg 2015-09-14_0026.jpg 2015-09-14_0020.jpg 2015-09-14_0023.jpg 2015-09-14_0009.jpg 2015-09-14_0011.jpg 2015-09-14_0008.jpg 2015-09-14_0004.jpg 2015-09-14_0012.jpg