Hunter and Brady’s Rustic Engagements

Can I get a hollar for the right swipe?!  These two met on Tinder and although I’ve been skeptical of that dating site, they have proved me wrong! Haha!  They have the sweetest love and endearment for one another.  They look at each other and just start giggling. They are so cute and giddy in love you can’t help but smile when you are in their presence!

Hunter really wanted rustic pictures for her engagements, with a little bit of snow and some barns.  I’d say we found a great spot!  I also love the cute pink house that adds just a little bit more modern feel to some of their pictures!
Family Photographer_2127.jpg
Family Photographer_2128.jpg
Family Photographer_2129.jpg
Family Photographer_2126.jpg
Family Photographer_2133.jpg
Family Photographer_2132.jpg
Family Photographer_2131.jpg
Family Photographer_2134.jpg
Family Photographer_2135.jpg
Family Photographer_2136.jpg
Family Photographer_2138.jpg
Family Photographer_2137.jpg
Family Photographer_2139.jpg
Family Photographer_2140.jpg
Family Photographer_2141.jpg
Family Photographer_2130.jpg