Playing In the Wildflowers with Heidi and her Tribe

Golden hair and sun kissed skin, this family is straight out of California! I’m so glad they asked me to do their pictures while they were visiting Utah. I went to school with Heidi and it seems so surreal that we have teenagers…what???!!!

Heidi is also an amazing photographer (although she claims she is retired)! I guess things like that happen after baby number five!

Family Photographer_2331.jpg
Family Photographer_2332.jpg
Family Photographer_2333.jpg
Family Photographer_2334.jpg
Family Photographer_2336.jpg
Family Photographer_2337.jpg
Family Photographer_2340.jpg
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Family Photographer_2320.jpg
Family Photographer_2321.jpg
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Family Photographer_2325.jpg
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Family Photographer_2328.jpg
Family Photographer_2327.jpg
Family Photographer_2319.jpg
Family Photographer_2317.jpg
Family Photographer_2330.jpg
Family Photographer_2341.jpg
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Family Photographer_2343.jpg