Mallorie and Brad Mountainside Engagement Session

I met this sweet couple at the wedding show I did earlier this year.  They were one of my winners for the free engagement session! I had so much fun getting to know them and their fur babies!  We did their pictures up in the wild flowers at Emigration Canyon.  It was so beautiful and is one of the few canyons that allow dogs!  It was going really smooth until one of the dogs heard the water from the river and decide to go for a swim.  Needless to say, it was quite the jump down the ledge and so he couldn’t find a way back up.  Brad had to go on a puppy rescue mission…. luckily for us we had just finished up or all of their photos would have looked like the last one posted….. That’s one way to end a session!
Family Photographer_2523.jpg
Family Photographer_2524.jpg
Family Photographer_2525.jpg
Family Photographer_2526.jpg
Family Photographer_2516.jpg
Family Photographer_2517.jpg
Family Photographer_2518.jpg
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Family Photographer_2513.jpg
Family Photographer_2512.jpg
Family Photographer_2520.jpg
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Family Photographer_2522.jpg
Family Photographer_2514.jpg
Family Photographer_2527.jpg
Family Photographer_2528.jpg