April’s Family | Little Cottonwood Canyon Utah Photographer

Had a great night enjoying this families company in my backyard…

Just kidding, I wish it was my backyard. I’m in the mountains so much in the summertime between hiking and photo shoots that I’m thinking about pitching a permanent tent.

Isn’t this family beautiful? So much love and beauty inside and out on this family. They made my job super easy!

Family Photographer_2595.jpg
Family Photographer_2578.jpg
Family Photographer_2579.jpg
Family Photographer_2596.jpg
Family Photographer_2597.jpg
Family Photographer_2598.jpg
Family Photographer_2587.jpg
Family Photographer_2583.jpg
Family Photographer_2584.jpg
Family Photographer_2600.jpg
Family Photographer_2577.jpg
Family Photographer_2592.jpg
Family Photographer_2594.jpg
Family Photographer_2593.jpg
Family Photographer_2591.jpg
Family Photographer_2599.jpg