Calista’s Nature High School Senior Session

Another beautiful High School Senior graced my camera with her presence today! She is such a sweetheart and so beautiful. Her black and white photos remind me of a Calvin Klein ad! I love this time of year and all the ambitious wonderful High School Seniors I get to meet! Off to UVU for this one, Congratulations to this Payson High Senior!

Family Photographer_3046.jpg
Family Photographer_3044.jpg
Family Photographer_3045.jpg
Family Photographer_3043.jpg
Family Photographer_3041.jpg
Family Photographer_3040.jpg
Family Photographer_3039.jpg
Family Photographer_3038.jpg
Family Photographer_3037.jpg
Family Photographer_3042.jpg
Family Photographer_3034.jpg
Family Photographer_3036.jpg
Family Photographer_3047.jpg