Vivian and Garrett’s Zion National Park Elopement

These two are so darling and so in love and I was so happy they asked me to photograph their elopement. It was a beauitful intimate ceremony with their closest friends and family. It was so pretty to see their love for one another being shared and sprinkled throughout the Red Rocks in Zions. They were honestly so hospitable and reserved the cutest little Bed and Breakfast for me while I was there! After their ceremony we hiked the Canyon Overlook Trail to get their photos. A couple that hikes together….stays together, right? Her friend read the most beauitful passage during their ceremony:
‘When traveling to southern Utah for the first time, it is fair to ask, if the redrocks were cut would they bleed. And when traveling to Utah’s desert for the second or third time, it is fair to assume that they do, that the blood of the rocks gives life to the country.’ Terry Tempest Williams

And to make the story even sweeter….they met one another in second grade!

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