Alma and Rachel’s City Family Session

This post is sentimental to my heart. I was fortunate to marry a great guy (the first time) we ended up divorcing and fortunatley we also both married amazing spouses that has made this entire co-parenting thing so easy for us!! This is my ex husband, my 3 oldest children, his new wife and their son Jackson. Some people think it is strange that we are all so close, but honestly it makes it so much easier for the children and for us too! I am so happy that I have such a wonderful Step Mom in my children’s lives. I’m so happy they have an adorable baby brother that they love to pieces. And I’m grateful that they still have their Dad, Alma. We did these photos because we found out that Alma had a brain tumor on his spinal colum that needed to be removed and the chances of him coming out of the surgery and even making a full recovery were very slim. We all wanted to remember him as we knew him and have something to cherish should the unthinkable happen. We are fortunate to say he made a full recovery and despite a few set backs he is still here with us today! I’m so happy I was able to capture these photos of their family and my children with their “other” family as they like to say! Thankful for the love all around us!
Family Photographer_3067.jpg
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