Michelle and Clay’s Family Session on Huntington Beach California

Michelle has been one of my favorite most loyal clients! So I was ecstatic when she messaged me and asked if I was going to by chance be in California when they were so I could do family pictures! And as fate would have it…..I was going to the exact same area during the exact same time! It worked out perfectly and I’m so happy it did because I had such a great time running through the waves and sand with her darling family! I love travel sessions, whether I’m already there or not, I will find a way to get to a beach any day to make it happen!!

How cute are these kids? They had such a good time!
Family Photographer_3524.jpg
Family Photographer_3525.jpg
Family Photographer_3527.jpg
Family Photographer_3528.jpg
Family Photographer_3530.jpg
Family Photographer_3529.jpg
Family Photographer_3531.jpg
Family Photographer_3534.jpg
Family Photographer_3537.jpg
Family Photographer_3538.jpg
Family Photographer_3539.jpg
Family Photographer_3540.jpg
Family Photographer_3535.jpg
Family Photographer_3536.jpg