Sabrina’s Albion Basin Head Shots

This girl is an incredible human being. She is her own Girl Boss, does the most amazing Borboleta Lashes and Brow Microblading.

She is genuine, sweet, independent and GORGEOUS.

I’m so glad our paths crossed years ago and that we have become such good friends!

We decided to do her heads shots up at Albion Basin in the wee morning hours, which meant she had to start getting ready at 4 AM…..the things we are willing to do for a pretty photo right? I love how they turned out!

Family Photographer_3662.jpg
Family Photographer_3663.jpg
Family Photographer_3661.jpg
Family Photographer_3658.jpg
Family Photographer_3660.jpg
Family Photographer_3659.jpg
Family Photographer_3657.jpg
Family Photographer_3656.jpg
Family Photographer_3664.jpg
Family Photographer_3655.jpg
Family Photographer_3666.jpg
Family Photographer_3665.jpg
Family Photographer_3667.jpg
Family Photographer_3668.jpg
Family Photographer_3653.jpg
Family Photographer_3654.jpg
Family Photographer_3652.jpg