Madi Bingham High School Senior Pictures

Oh beautiful Madi! Look at that dark hair and beautiful eyes! Gorgeous!

Madi is graduating from Bingham High School and is planning on becoming an Orthodontist! I think she will be incredible at that career because she is so outgoing and amazing with people! Plus she has a beautiful smile! I had so much fun getting to know her at her senior session. She has lived down the street from me for awhile but being a busy teenager we’ve actually never met until we did her session! We finally decided on doing her senior pictures in Daybreak at Soda Row because she liked the city feel but didn’t want to drive all the way to Salt Lake City. Her photos turned out so beautiful! Her Mom really wanted a little bit of nature incorporated in to her session so we drove down to the Daybreak lake, survived all the gnats and took some fun nature pictures around the dock!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I can’t believe how beautiful all these girls are. It sure is different from when I was in High School! And our senior photos were done in a studio with cardboard column posts wrapped in ivy! I don’t think my mom even bought them because they were so bad! I’m so glad the times have changed because doing a senior session opens up so many opportunites to capture your teenagers personality. If they are involved in any extracurricular activity I always encourage them to bring something to their senior session to showcase who they really are! Looking back, these photos should really be all about them and what they have accomplished over the years before they set off into adulthood! Plus, it’s a fun memory to look back at the pictures and see how far they have come in a few years!

Maddi - high school senior getting her senior photos done