Let’s get to know each other!

We are a team of Professional Photographers with over 12 years of experience and hundreds of photo shoots behind us. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah with a love for traveling and destination photoshoots.

We thrive on capturing your family, your story, your love. We want to provide you with images of moments so you never forget them. The tiny hands wrapped around yours, the gummy baby smiles, the love spoken through your eyes as you say your I Do’s. Whatever your need is, we would be honored to be a part of it.

What Makes Us Different?

Top of the line cameras

Two camera’s at every shoot/event

Both camera’s have dual card slots that serve as a back up

Images backed up to 3 different devices, including Cloud

We don’t limit the number of images

We do everything to ensure the safety of your images should a camera malfunction, a lens break, an SD card fail or a hard drive crashes. We have your back!

Who I Am and Why I Chose to Become a Photographer


My name is Heidi Oren, I am a hopeless romantic, an avid traveler, a gypsy soul, a Mama to 4 beauties, and will have a camera in my hand 99% of the time!  I  love to capture those fleeting moments that become the past.  My heart is my compass and I often find myself totally captivated in the magic of your world!

Why I Became a Photographer:
My why started as a young child, when I believed the world was a scary place to be. I started to notice the emotions in the people around me and I wanted to hold on to their expressions or the way I felt when I saw love and happiness. I started writing about it until I was able to get a camera. Little did I know, that camera would become the rest of my life. Over the years as I've gone through trials I have learned to not be harsh and cynical, my heart has remained open and raw. I feel alive when I can capture a moment so beautiful the only tangible thing you have to remember it by, is a photograph.

I am passionate about my job, I am invested in you, my client. My deepest desire is to create images that speak to you. Images that remind you of how you felt in that moment, so when life gets hard, you can look back, remember your strength and hold that moment in your hand and just feel.

Thanks for keeping my soul on fire by sharing bits and pieces of your beautiful life with me!